GMP 005 – David Soto Jr. – Primitive Living

The week David Soto Jr., author of the The Complete Guide to Primitive Eating and I connect for some real talk about living the Primitive lifestyle, girlfriends, Mexican food, David’s three primitive pillars, the ups and downs of weight loss, and more. Go grab a slab of ribs and some napkins and kick back and enjoy the talk.

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David is a Certified Primitive Wellness Coach. (he totally just made this up but people like titles so…) He helps people get the most out of life with what they have. He will help you improve any problem areas in life you want to address through simplification but first, you’ll address your health. He believes it’s the foundation to a “successful” life. If you are not interested in getting healthy first, then he’s probably not your guy. If you are on board with this idea, check out his coaching page for more info or contact him directly.

The Primitive You

In this episode:

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