GMP 003 – Keith Norris – PaleoFX, Efficient Exercise, and More…

Keith Norris of PaleoFX and Efficient Exercise joins me for episode 003 of the Podcast. We are also joined by Michelle Norris, CE Yo of PaleoFX and Mike Pullano, Director of Sales and Marketing at ARXFIT.

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Note: If your’e easily offended by beer, booze, BBQ, profanity, or highschool boy humor, you might want to skip this episode. You’ll be missing a good one though.

Keith has been a “Physical Culturalist” for well over thirty-five years, now — the majority of those years while holding down demanding jobs completely outside of the fitness industry. In September of 2010, Keith made good on a long-standing promise to himself that he would one day, when the call became clear and apparent, become more fully engaged in the hands-on teaching of his personal method for achieving what he termed the “Physical Culture high life”; once he was introduced to the Efficient Exercise team, learned of their overriding philosophy of Physical Culture (and how closely that philosophy aligned with his own!), and was subsequently offered a position within the team, He knew that no clearer “call” could be had. This was the signal he had been waiting for, and he jumped at the opportunity.

In this episode: