GMP 008 – Darryl Edwards – The Fitness Explorer

Darryl “The Fitness Explorer” Edwards joins me to chin wag about how giving up fry ups, take aways, and a stressful job led to him on a journey to health. His love for helping people has developed into a system of “play” that can help you lose weight and get healthy and fit the fun way.

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Darryl Edwards (aka The Fitness Explorer) is the founder of Primal Play, a paleo nutritionist and author of the books Paleo from A to Z and Paleo Fitness based in London, England. He is also a contributor to Paleo Magazine and presenter at various symposiums globally such as Paleof(x), PrimalCon, AHS (Ancestral Health Symposium), Thr1ve.Me, and other events globally. I am also founder of the first Paleo conference in Europe, HEALTH Unplugged taking place for the 2nd year running – October 31/Nov 1 2015.

In this episode: