GMP 006 – Ryan Munsey – Optimal Performance

Ryan Munsey of the Optimal Performance Podcast and owner of House of Strength in Roanoke, Virginia joins me to talk about Nootropics, brain health, what works and what doesn’t, and Ryan even has a test to see what you brain chemicals you might be deficient in. This podcast has a ton of great info, you might want to listen to it twice and check out the links below. Natural Stacks is offering a 10% discount to try their natural products. Use coupon code GYMMYTH at checkout. Enjoy!

Disclaimer – This podcast/blog is for informational purposes only. Experimentation with nootropics/smart supplements is at your own risk. Do your research and consult a physician before trying any supplements.

A former athlete, Ryan Munsey has a dietetics degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Clemson University.

After graduation, he spurned the traditional R.D. route to pursue fitness modeling in New York City where he also began his career as a personal trainer and nutritionist.

Ryan now resides in his hometown of Roanoke, VA where he runs House Of Strength, training a wide variety of clients including athletes from around the world.

He has since been a 2-time best-selling author on Amazon, hosts the Optimal Performance Podcast and writes for such leading publications as Men’s Fitness, T-nation and more – and also speaks at public and private events.

In this episode:


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