GMP 007 – Justin Wisor – Health Obsession, Part 1

Justin Wisor joins me for a very real talk about his fight with mental illness and his struggle to get back normal. Justin talks about the trigger, his descent into mental illness, diet and health obsession, and what he is doing to recover.

**This 2 part talk is graphic at times and is not recommended for those under 18.**

Disclaimer – If you or anyone you know is suffering from mental illness, depression, suicidal thoughts, or thoughts of harming others, please get professional help immediately. Mental illness is serious.

Justin Wisor is a recent college graduate and ex-blogger. Having struggled with weight his whole life, Justin started with simple eating strategies and exercise to lose his first 40 lbs at age 12. This led to a yoyo style of weight maintenance. In his recent years, the desire to be healthy, slowly morphed into obsessive tendencies and anxious behaviors around food, body image, and health. Justin spends most days actively recovering in attempts to find his heart and return to doing things he truly loves. This includes learning piano, listening to music, being with friends, and researching health only when out of curiosity, not fear and obsession.

In this episode: