GMP 010 – Dave Hall – Mental Meat Head

Meet Dave Hall, The Bearded Beast of Birmingham. He owns Agoge Fitness Systems in Birmingham, Alabama, hence the bearded beast thing. In this episode we talk birth mullets, the buff Abe Lincoln, being a stoner, Martial Arts, chillin’ with Ethel at the Jewish Community Center, and more.

Dave Hall is the owner of Agoge Fitness Systems in Birmingham, Alabama, where he lives with his wife, three daughters, mother in law, two dogs, three cats and three goats. (Hey it’s Alabama.) Having wasted the better part of his youth chasing enlightment through elusive highs, Dave has since parleyed his “wasted years” into a gym dedicated to helping those generally overlooked by the fitness industry. A competitive powerlifter himself, Dave takes great pleasure empowering everyday folks through the hard yet honest work of barbell training and general fitness.

In this episode: