GMP 012 – Jason Moore – Elite HRV


Jason Moore, Founder and Developer for the Elite HRV app joins me today to discuss all things HRV. We discuss how to use HRV for recovery, to determine over training, and identify stress. I use the Elite HRV app everyday and highly recommend it to anyone serious about monitoring stress and over-training.

Hey folks – my name is Jason. I grew up in the Information Technology scene and have traveled the world working with, and speaking about, large scale information systems for the Oil & Gas industry. 

That’s great and all, but the more time I spent on the computer the worse my health got. My joints deteriorated, my brain was foggy and I was starting to get… soft..

At some point, I was tired of watching myself become more and more fragile. So turning my knowledge of systems to the body, I spent the better part of the last decade deconstructing and rebuilding my body from the ground up. I experimented with every diet and exercise program. I tracked all kinds of data points and did some really nutty things in the name of Health and Performance.

This led to a side career path as coach and trainer, where I have helped hundreds of people rebuild their bodies. Eventually I organized local healthy living groups that now have over 1000 members in them. Over time I started to recognize some interesting patterns in the way my clients’ and even my own body worked. Everything seemed to keep pointing back to stress, the nervous system, and this thing called Heart Rate Variability…

The rest of this site can tell you about HRV, but for my part of the story – I ended up working with doctors, coaches and folks from all over the nation to develop a system for tracking, mitigating and ultimately dominating stress and fragility.  Through research, experimentation and using HRV as my guide, I have been able to reach a state of mental clarity, shed fat, put on muscle and overall just start to maximize my health and performance.

In this episode: