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I am a Husband, Father, Foodie, Craft Beer Lover, Workout/Training Enthusiast, Meme Maker, and distal biceps (tendon) rupture survivor. I have a passion for fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness.

When not spending time with my beautiful wife Tiffany, 2 beautiful kids Clay and Georgia, and the family CEO Elvis (Poodle) and his sidekick VP of Fun Priscilla (Border Collie), you can find me lifting some weights, drinking some Beer, making a mess in the kitchen, creating some Memes (I am the Meme Master according to Keith and Michelle Norris), and planning world domination.

I was also a member of the now defunct “The Health and Comedy Show”. The show might be gone, but I believe it lives on in some far off server teaching people English and cheesy comedy. Check out some of the podcasts where I had the privilege of being a guest: