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GMP 002 – Kevin Geary – The Rebooted Body

GMP 002 – Kevin Geary of Rebooted Body

Kevin Geary of Rebooted Body joins me for Episode 002 of The GymMyth.com Podcast. Again I was left speechless, fumbling, and mumbling while Kevin gave some important information about whole body health. If you enjoyed this episode, leave……


Bulbine Natalensis
Unlike hyped supplements such as tribulus, that don’t do jack to increase testosterone, the South African herb Bulbine Natalensis works and has been shown in studies to increase testosterone by a whopping 347% and crush estrogen by 35%. This is exactly what you want in an all-natural testosterone booster.

What you do……

GMP Ep. 001 – “Relentless” Roger Dickerman

GMP Ep. 001 – “Relentless” Roger Dickerman

“Relentless” Roger Dickerman joins me for the very first episode of the GymMyth.com Podcast. Thank you Roger for putting up with my mumbling and fumbling through this first podcast. It’s been a few years since I last podcasted. Roger has some great wisdom about consistency and motivation…….

Not Another Blog or Podcast

Not Another Blog or Podcast
By Corben Thomas

Not another blog or podcast about…. fitness or nutrition! Yes, there’s a new kid on the block and I’m not talking about Donnie! I know, you’re asking what makes this blog or podcast different? For starters,……